Supply Planning

Supply Planning Modules

One of the most critical tasks for any manufacturing company is balancing assets (capacity, materials and resources) with future demand.

Planners must determine how  to best meet the demand given the available assets,  the production and distribution network, and business policies. PERITO’s Supply Planning Modules support you to achieve several key benefits:

Our Supply Planning Modules to support above benefits are:


Our Supply Planning Module includes a range of scenarios designed to calculate financial impact. Impact is calculated short and long term on stock levels, service levels and capacity demand on e.g. warehouse workforce load, and based on multiple combinations of Demand Forecast, Safety Stock Scenarios including updated ERP Stock, Open Purchase, Production, and Service Orders. Impact analysis is available before update in ERP system enabling counter measures before upload.


The PERITO Replenishment MRP Module optimizes order proposals for warehouses based on demand forecasts, inventory policies, safety stock, products on the way and backorders. In simple terms, the system makes sure that the right product is ordered in the right quantity at the right time.


Capacity planning is an essential component of Integrated Business Planning. The PERITO Capacity  Balancing Module highlights bottlenecks in labour and production capacity several months in advance enabling planning to level load and eliminate surprises in staffing requirements or production capacity. 


The Levelling and Load Optimization  Module integrates with your ERP system and our Economic Stock Optimization Module to optimize and plan for truck stuffing. The application works by receiving user input on the type, width, height, length, and weight of each unit of cargo. The most optimal arrangement is quickly calculated. Users can then modify the output to match their specific requirements.


Supplier Total Cost is our methodology to calculate the ‘true cost’ of doing business with a particular supplier. Our methodology considers all the costs of managing the relationship with a supplier, rather than looking only at the purchase price. PERITO’s Supplier Total Cost Module simulates the total cost of changing suppliers, taking all critical parameters into account such as lead times, unit cost, safety stock, lot size, inventory amount, inventory units, interest rate and OPEX related costs such as physical space costs. Simulations are done at SKU level for each relevant supplier. Our Supplier Total Cost Module is critical whenever alternative sourcing strategies are in place e.g. when comparing the total cost of sourcing an item from one region or country to another.


The Perito Economic Order Quantity Optimizer not only finds the classic economic order quantity (Wilson) including steps in discount and handling costs. It also evaluates whether you can lower the order quantity at no significant additional cost.

In addition to determining the Optimal Minimum Order Quantity, the PERITO solution also analyzes the optimal Minimum Order Quantity  in relation to the handling units and the Kolli sizes of vendors and in this way ensures that the Minimum Order Quantity is not only optimal, but also practical.

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