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One of the most critical tasks for any manufacturing company is balancing assets (capacity, materials and resources) with future demand. Planners must determine how to best meet the demand given the available assets, the production and distribution network, and business policies.

Perito’s Supply Planning Module optimizes profits and margins while meeting demand through its unique automation software. Your resources will be utilized to their maximum potential, resulting in a reduction of your overall costs while still keeping the desired service levels.

// Supply Forecast

Convert forecast from market facing to supply facing dimensions

// Super BOM

Breakdown supply forecast according to supply network and production BOM’s in one flow

// MRP Simulation

Calculate production orders and purchase requisitions – before committing it to the ERP system

// Capacity Balancing

Adjust production plan according to production capacity and purchasing

// Financial Impact

Calculate the financial impact on stock levels, service levels and capacity demand in the short and long term

// Load Optimization

Integrate with your ERP system and the economic stock optimization module and optimize and plan for truck stuffing

// Supplier Total Cost

Calculate all costs of managing the relationships with your suppliers

// Economic Order Quantity

Evaluate whether you can lower the order quantity with no significant additional costs

// Final Production & Purchase Plan

View effects of adjusted production & purchasing supply plan on the demand planning

“…Boiled down to its essence, our IT Vendor Selection for IBP Software contained benchmarks across 12 different Software vendors. We examined features and functionalities across all IT vendors and compiled fundamental considerations into a Software Advice Vendor Scorecard. PERITO won the IT Vendor selection because they met and understood our requirements regarding how to balance Demand Planning and Planning of capacity(3M)”

Birgit Thomsen, Board Member, DINEX

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Supply Planning Modules

Perito’s Supply Planning includes a range of scenarios designed to simulate the impact of demand, stock, service, and capacity levels in the short and long run. So, you know where the issues are – before you commit your planning to the ERP.

Replenishment MRP

Perito’s Demand Sensing Technology recognizes patterns in large data sets. This makes it possible to redirect according to the signals displayed by the Demand Planning Software and make accurate decisions in time. This element enables you to understand sales behavior by synthesizing big data in real-time. The Perito Demand Planning and Sensing Module complements traditional forecasting-related techniques with newer, more intelligent technology.

Capacity Balancing

Capacity planning is an essential component of Integrated Business Planning, as it highlights bottlenecks in your labour and production capacity months in advance (enabling the leveling of load and eliminating any further surprises in required staffing or production capacity.

Leveling and Load Optimization

The Leveling and Load Optimization Module integrates with your ERP system and our Economic Stock Optimization Module to optimize and plan for truck stuffing. The application works by receiving user input on the type, width, height, length, and weight of each unit of cargo. The most optimal arrangement is quickly calculated. Users can then modify the output to match their specific requirements.

Supplier Total Cost

Perito’s Supplier Total Cost Module simulates the total cost of changing suppliers, taking all critical parameters into account such as lead times, unit cost, safety stock, lot size, inventory amount, inventory units, interest rate and OPEX related costs (such as physical space costs).

We calculate the accurate total costs when doing business with a supplier. Simulations are done at SKU level for each relevant supplier. Our Supplier Total Cost Module is critical whenever alternative sourcing strategies are in place, for example, when comparing the total cost of sourcing an item from one region or country to another.

Economic Order Quantity

The Perito Economic Order Quantity Optimizer not only finds the classic economic order quantity (Wilson) including steps in discount and handling costs. It also evaluates whether you can lower the order quantity at no significant additional cost.

In addition to determining the optimal minimum order quantity, the Perito solution also analyzes the optimal minimum order quantity in relation to the handling units and the Kolli sizes of vendors. By doing so, you ensure that the minimum order quantity is not only optimal, but also feasible.


PERITO’s Demand Planning Platform means that you do not have to add Data Science Knowledge to the list of required skills. Behind its intuitive interface is a powerful engine, capable of sensing trends and seasonality with high accuracy. PERITO’s Demand Planning Solution empowers your organization to focus more on business insights and value impact instead of working on the exhausting statistics of baseline forecasting for thousands of item numbers.


With increasing market and demand volatility Supply Chains face growing challenges. Demand Sensing uses technology that incorporates huge amounts of data and recognizes patterns enabling Supply Chains with actionable signals and ability to make accurate decisions. It helps understand sales behavior by synthesizing big data in real-time. Data sets may include shifting weather patterns, COVID-19 implications, point-of-sale data streams, etc. Our PERITO Demand Analysis and Sensing Module complements traditional forecasting related techniques.


Product Segmentation is a flexible way of grouping products according to their sales patterns and product attributes. The Product Segmentation Module has a powerful algorithm that accurately identifies seasonal and trending items and provides management with a clear picture on how items should be managed in an optimal way – across all item numbers.


The ABC Categorization module delivers in-depth segmentation of products, channels, and customers according to factors such as volume, profitability, predictability, the product’s life-cycle stage, and Supply Chain impact. The module can do multi-dimensional ABC and can be fully customized to meet your needs.


With promotions accounting for a significant amount of overall turnover, managing promotional items is often a vital discipline. Modelling the price impact and collecting market intelligence from sales is a daunting task if not done systematically. The Campaign Module helps planners challenge input from sales and provide data-driven estimates of promotional impacts.


The hierarchy and attributes contained in the full product hierarchy must be complete, accurate, and clean – down to single item numbers. The Data Cleaning Module ensures that all numerical sales data history at SKU level is imported into your forecasting system. Complete, clean and accurate in an automated way. The module has features to establish rules for verification and alerts  to prevent incorrect data being imported and/or exported from the system.

Demand Planning Execution by PERITO/Client

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