Integrated Business Planning as a Service

The ability to flex resources, adapt quickly, and focus on specific Supply Chain disciplines are all requirements for World-Class Supply Chain Management.

In order to remain competitive, expanding businesses will need to partner up with end-to-end Supply Chain solution providers in order to gain from the cost structure, technology and systems.

PERITO Integrated Business Planning as a Service offers you a new flexible service model to attain virtual economies of scale from day one without all the upfront investment in people, processes, and equipment. It does not matter if you are a small, medium or a top-tier client. We have a custom-fit solution for you.

Also, internal options to scale up quickly may be limited, e.g. due to COVID-19 or other critical external factors affecting your global Supply Chain. PERITO address these proficiency challenges by providing skilled resources, helping clients achieve real business results fast.

With PERITO‘s Managed Services your company gains access to a domain and technology expertise that shortens time-to-value on your IBP investment. Outsourcing key planning capability helps your company quickly achieve business results while mitigating the time and cost challenges of building an advanced planning team in-house. As a virtual part of your organization we bring precise Supply Chain modeling skills for deep insight into demand signals, inventory behaviors and Supply Chain volatility.

PERITO handle infrastructure and interpretation of system results. We clean and handle massive amounts of data because digitalization itself cannot stand alone, and we use highly skilled resources to focus on analyzing and adding value – to the benefit of better use of your human capital.

We call it PERITO IBP 360 and it is an innovative new approach to Supply Chain allowing companies to generate a 4-5 times return on investment by partnering up with an IBP service partner to support all or part of your planning needs including resources, technology processes, and tailored customizations.

The aim is that you realize lower and variable cost structures, leverage proven technology and systems, and attain instant scalability.

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