Perito Consulting Continues to Grow: A Warm Welcome to Jeanette and Hans Kristian

Perito Consulting Continues to Grow: A Warm Welcome to Jeanette and Hans Kristian

During the last few months, we have welcomed Hans Kristian Anders Møller in the role of Consultant and Jeanette Sally Holmberg as Senior Consultant. We couldn’t be more excited about the new members of our team.

Jeanette Holmberg Hans Kristian Møller


Who is Hans Kristian Møller?


Hans Kristian has a data-oriented background with a master’s in computer science and years of experience as a data-engineer and a data-scientist. His technical knowledge will become a valuable asset to the Perito Consulting team.

He sees Perito Consulting as a place where his contribution will make a difference, while being challenged in a role where he will be able to further develop his skills:

“Perito is a flexible company giving me an opportunity to grow in the directions of my interests. And being supervised and guided by a boss like Benjamin Obling, with such experience and technical understanding, is something I look forward to – it is not typical that one’s bosses have that level of technical expertise,” he says.

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Hans Kristian looks forward to using his understanding of data in a new field and will use his extensive knowledge within data and statistics across different domains:

“There is an unending amount of new stuff to learn about supply chain planning, whereas the technical aspects are my field of expertise, where I believe I have something to bring to the table.”

Hans Kristian will become an important player in helping with the continuous modernization process, as well as the optimization of internal and external processes (ultimately making the rollout of our products even more efficient).

“I see myself being a part of the modernization or the automations process, once I have settled in my new position,” says Hans Kristian.


Who is Jeanette Sally Holmberg?


Along with Hans Kristian, Jeanette has joined the team as Senior Consultant.

Jeanette was originally educated in economics, however, she has been working with supply chain and supply chain management for the last 15 years. The last couple of years have been spent in a role where she oversaw everything covering the S&OP planning process.

“I have always been IT-minded and, alongside this interest, I have been involved with a lot of IT projects, where I have implemented systems and calculated master data. This is my field of expertise” says Jeanette, and explains how her role and interest embodies skills within supply chain management and data.


“…Through our partnership with PERITO, we can leverage our core competencies much better and improve our collaboration with the global sales organization. We now have one unified and much more accurate Bang & Olufsen’s demand outlook.”

Jacob Frederiksen, Sr. Director, Planning & Operation, Bang & Olufsen

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Jeanette has practical experience and knows how it is to be at the other end as a supply chain manager. Therefore, Jeanette not only brings her extensive technical knowledge, but also practical and real-life experience:

“Normally, people are either specialists in supply chain or knowledgeable in data. My field of interest is in a combination of both. [Previously], I have experienced that master data wasn’t something appreciated or given much attention. Therefore, I look forward to helping companies that actually understand the importance of master data and to show companies how to take advantage of it,” Jeanette says. She continues, explaining how she values being part of a company with great potential for growth:  

“The potential in Perito Consulting is huge. Perito has the advantage of being flexible and ready to change when a customer’s needs change. Perito can quickly accommodate to those new needs. I find that very motivating and interesting to work with.”

We are happy to have Hans Kristian and Jeanette on board and are thrilled to have added an additional two knowledgeable heads to our team of experts.

At Perito Consulting, we believe in data, in working with a team that is data-driven, and that Jeanette and Hans Kristian suit our team perfectly in that matter.

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