New IBP Demo: Watch Our IBP System Live

New IBP Demo: Watch Our IBP System Live

When you are deciding to implement a new supply chain planning solution into your current practices, it can be difficult to navigate the different systems available.

At Perito Consulting, we now offer a video demo that shows our system in action.


In the video, you’ll see some of the benefits of progressing to more intelligent supply chain management software. Making the decision will pave the way for revenue growth through differentiated supply chain processes – becoming a competitive advantage.

What Are the Benefits of Supply Chain Management Software?


Why should you spend your limited time on implementing new supply chain management software?

The answer, naturally, is that implementing an intelligent IBP system will free up your time tremendously. The time you spend on manually updating your ERP system is better spent on more strategic decisions.

More specifically, dedicated supply chain management software comes with an array of benefits for optimizing your business. The four most prominent benefits (among a ton) are:

1. Optimization of Your Supply Chain

The optimization process gets your data sorted, leaving an organized and updated view of where things are (or where they should be).

2. Automation of Your Supply Chain

The software will cut down on your manual tasks. This part of the IBP process might be frightening for the organization it feels like giving up the security blanket that manually interfering with all data is. But firstly, this is not what your time should be spent on, and secondly, an automation of your supply chain makes your data more accurate. A rule of thumb is that 90% of your manual processes can be automated. This gives supply chain managers the time to focus on the critical 10% that requires human supervision.

3. Ability to Streamline Your Follow-Up Process

What happened and why? The software gives you an overview and transparency of what happens in real life. This part is very important. To understand your supply chain in full, and the decisions made about it, you need to get an overview of the outcomes. You may have decided on doing the A-strategy but ended up doing more of a B-strategy. What effect did it have and what can we learn from it? These kinds of numbers are only visible when your supply chain is transparent, and the data is easily accessible.

4. Ability to Make Data Driven Decisions

You can make better decisions when you have an overview and transparency in the software of your S&OP process. Converting to trusting data instead of gut-feelings, not only makes your decision-making more accurate, but also your workload more manageable.


If any of these points sound remotely interesting, we recommend investigating what intelligent S&OP software can do for your company.

One way is through a video demo.



“…Through our partnership with PERITO, we can leverage our core competencies much better and improve our collaboration with the global sales organization. We now have one unified and much more accurate Bang & Olufsen’s demand outlook.”

Jacob Frederiksen, Sr. Director, Planning & Operation, Bang & Olufsen

Want to see the system live?

– Get a short demo video directly to your mailbox

Video Demo of Integrated Business Planning

Through our video demo, we showcase the most common functionalities of Perito Consulting’s IBP software.

The system covers the entire Integrated Busiones Planning process::

  1. Demand Planning Module: A unique business solution that combines demand planning software and specialists solving analytics tasks in your demand planning that no other system can. In return, you get reduced time spent on forecasting and reduced forecasting errors and over-estimations.

  2. Inventory Planning Module: One of the world’s most accurate methods for optimizing stock levels that can see through the complexity of service levels, safety stock and all the constraints important to the business.

  3. Supply Planning Module: This module optimizes how to best meet the demand given the available assets, the production and distribution network, and business policies. In other words, optimize profits and margins while meeting the demand, reduce overall costs and be better prepared for the future by considering what-if’s.

  4. Financial Forecasting Module: The financial planning solution generates a precise financial forecast and connects to the output from the demand planning module. Ultimately, this enables your financial data to put out accurate gross and net figures and a faster generated cash flow statement.  

  5. Scenario Planning Module: Powerful tools for both Senior and Operational Management to understand the potential impact of a change in business as well as the best way to mitigate/leverage it.

  6. Control Tower Module: A very important piece in the overall puzzle that is supply chain control, the control tower module gives an overview and visibility to your supply chain’s current and past performances.

By putting all these modules together into one singular IBP, your supply chain will run efficiently according to concrete data.

Get a run through of the functionalities and modules of Integrated Business Planning by Perito today.


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