Great News: Get a Live Data Assessment and Understand the Capacity of Your Supply Chain

Great News: Get a Live Data Assessment and Understand the Capacity of Your Supply Chain

Perito Consulting now offers new customers a data-driven assessment of their supply chain.


Because we know that comprehending the capacity of your supply chain and planning process completely is difficult. You need a proper overview in order to get a thorough understanding of the state and, more importantly, the potential of your supply chain.

An assessment is based on your data, stocks, sales etc. to give you an overview of how things are currently done and ways to optimize processes.

This article will pinpoint what a data-driven supply chain assessment is and why you should get one.


Why Is a Data-Driven Assessment Relevant?

A lot of companies are uncertain whether the current supply chain software and processes are up to the challenges.

This is understandable.

It is difficult to identify the most relevant software for your company’s particular needs. After all, everybody wants to make the most effective choices for their business.

The purpose of a live assessment of your data is to get a full understanding of what IBP or S&OP software can do for you, and whether it is something that would be beneficial for your business.

As the future becomes more digitalized and automated, the same goes for your supply chain practices.

Through a supply chain assessment on your own data, you will be shown ways to optimize with the newest digitalized and automated solutions on the market.

This will make you able to quantify and justify the ROI before a new solution is implemented.

Why Choose PERITO as your Provider of IBP Software?

We provide you with an innovative Supply Chain Solution Provider that optimizes the synergy of data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and specialists to help organizations transform Integrated Business Planning to reach and surpass their business outcomes at a global scale.

A Data-Driven Assessment of Your Data


In essence, a data-driven assessment is an evaluation of your current supply chain planning done by the best professionals on the market covering three main areas:

  1. An analysis of your supply chain performance
  2. An identification of key elements for a future operating model
  3. An evaluation of potential benefits and areas for improvement

To cover these areas, and based on your data and supply chain, the assessment will focus on:

A Data-Driven Forecast Assessment to benchmark current forecasting accuracy and put it up against an optimized view of your forecast.

A Data-Driven Inventory Assessment (Parameters) focusing on parameters that identify optimal safety stock levels based on the target service level and the benchmark to existing safety stock or reorder points.

A Data-Driven Inventory Assessment (Behavior) focusing on behavior and the validation of compliance in actual planning to separate parameter optimization from behavioral impact.

A Future operating Model where we take input from the operating model for the future S&OP process to make recommendations for implementing a new operating model (in phases) based on maturity. 

In the end, this will all be turned into your business’ own road map demonstrating your future supply chain strategy.


Making Your Business Case and Road Map


By identifying and recommending key elements for your future supply chain strategy, you will be well-equipped to make a choice on appropriate supply chain management software.

But more importantly, you will know where you need to adjust to optimize your supply chain planning.

What needs to be done to reach top efficiency in your supply chain; where do you need to make (bigger or smaller) adjustments to harvest the major benefits?


“…Through our partnership with PERITO, we can leverage our core competencies much better and improve our collaboration with the global sales organization. We now have one unified and much more accurate Bang & Olufsen’s demand outlook.”

Jacob Frederiksen, Sr. Director, Planning & Operation, Bang & Olufsen

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