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The World’s most Advanced Technology for Inventory Planning

Economic Optimization. Increased Availability. Reduced planning time.

Most companies are facing complex Supply Planning. Therefore, they need state-of-the-art Inventory Planning that can help see through the complexity of service levels, safety stock and all the constraints important to their business – based on their specific Supply Chain Footprint.

We are reaching out into the world and combined with a Global Supply Chain Crisis, inventory planning is not just a complex task but also a critical one. Therefore, it has become even more important to focus on the optimization of your Inventory Management.

PERITO’s Inventory Planning Module is one of the world’s most accurate methods for optimizing stock levels calculating full cost transparency for each service level on every item.

Why Choose PERITO as your Provider of Supply Chain Management Software?

We provide you with an innovative Supply Chain Solution Provider that optimizes the synergy of data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and specialists to help organizations transform Integrated Business Planning to reach and surpass their business outcomes at a global scale.

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Our Inventory Planning Solution at a Glance

// Economic Stock Optimization

The world’s most advanced technology for optimizing safety stock.

// Safety Stock and Reorder Points

Overview on how safety stocks and reorder points affect inventory levels.

// Deep Dives/Potentials

Deep dives let you see the breakdown of the saving potentials for a specific item/location.

// Business Logics

Creates a robust process combining algorithms, business logics and tasks.

// Stock Product Segmentation

Automated stock segmentation of your product relevant categories.

// Outlier Handling

Saving potential of removing outliers from safety stock calculations.

// Store Replenishment

Reduce store inventory, out-of-stock, obsolete costs, and time spent on placing orders.

// Planning Behavior

Built for controlling planning behavior and ensuring a data-driven approach.

// Multi-Echelon

Suggesting the right levels of inventory at each stage of the supply chain.

Dinex Group

“…Boiled down to its essence, our IT Vendor Selection for IBP Software contained benchmarks across 12 different Software vendors. We examined features and functionalities across all IT vendors and compiled fundamental considerations into a Software Advice Vendor Scorecard. PERITO won the IT Vendor selection because they met and understood our requirements.”

Birgit Thomsen, Board Member, Dinex Group

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The right item, at the right place, at the right time with accurate inventory planning

The goal of any inventory planning is to buy or produce the right amounts, be able to locate it efficiently in the supply chain and decide when and how often to reorder.

A reliable and accurate inventory planning can predict future changes and optimize stock levels, while taking behavioral changes into account.

Your Inventory Planning Optimization should be able to (among other):

  • Optimize safety stock based on financial impact and desired service level. Define a minimum service level and find the service level that leads to lowest cost.
  • Optimize minimum order quantity based on financial impact. Find the lot size or minimum purchase order that will lead to lowest possible costs considering the changeover and freight costs
  • Impact of lead time reduction. Measure the financial impact of changing lead times. What are the savings of reducing lead time one week?
  • Identify savings potential of better planning. Find and execute on the saving potentials.

How does the Perito Inventory Planning Module optimize the inventory situation with sophisticated analysis tools?

The PERITO Inventory Planning Module uses a multitude of sophisticated analysis tools enabling a simulation of your overall inventory situation.

This software sets PERITO apart from our competitors and makes our IBP solution superior and unique.

The inventory planning module analyses your current inventory levels. By using our economic stock optimization (ESO) software, the inventory planning module doesn’t just suggest numbers for your safety stock but also initiates a larger economic optimization exercise.

In the end, it generates recommendations for optimal stock levels now and in the future. Eventually, our system will be able to create an automation of your inventory levels in your MRP.

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Economic Stock Optimization

The Economic Stock Optimization (ESO) approach is the world’s most advanced method for optimizing safety stock. It is based on total cost calculations and breaks down all costs related to carrying inventory.

The system evaluates all possible savings related to wrong safety stock and features all constraints of importance such as varying lead times, physical space requirements, working capital, lost sales, and stockout penalties.

The ESO provides economic transparency which can lead to a reduction of working capital by up to 30%, while improving service levels by 10-20%.

Stock Controlling

Many companies believe that they are data-driven in their planning decision making.

However, this is not the case. Instead, companies have realized that psychological mechanisms in planning overrule suggestions from data and advanced systems.

The Stock Controlling Module shines a light on this problem and highlights where the inventory planning behavior is based on gut-feelings instead of data.


The Multi-Echelon Module suggests the right levels of inventory at each stage of the Supply Chain by optimizing inventory balance across multiple echelons and locations.

Furthermore, the Multi-Echelon Module enables strategic restocking of individual inventories across all echelons of the Supply Chain. This increases customer service levels while simultaneously decreasing costs.

Store Replenishment

Reduce your store inventory, issues related to low stock, obsolete costs and the time you spend placing manual orders with PERITO‘s Store Replenishment Module. Based on a powerful simulation engine, the Store Replenishment Module considers sales variation, space constraints, transport costs and service level requirements to set reorder points.

Stock Product Segmentation

Automated stock segmentation of product categories such as: deadstock, lumpy, medium, and high runners as well as products with medium and extreme outliers, etc. Quantification of economic potential utilizes these same relevant categories to support value added information.

Where to start with Inventory Planning?

A good way to start is to see the potentials in your own Supply Chain and data – BEFORE you commit your time and money.

This is why PERITO offer clients a Data-Driven Supply Assessment that can help you make the best data-driven decisions for your future S&OP including Demand Planning, Inventory and Supply Planning.


PERITO’s Demand Planning Platform means that you do not have to add Data Science Knowledge to the list of required skills. Behind its intuitive interface is a powerful engine, capable of sensing trends and seasonality with high accuracy. PERITO’s Demand Planning Solution empowers your organization to focus more on business insights and value impact instead of working on the exhausting statistics of baseline forecasting for thousands of item numbers.


With increasing market and demand volatility Supply Chains face growing challenges. Demand Sensing uses technology that incorporates huge amounts of data and recognizes patterns enabling Supply Chains with actionable signals and ability to make accurate decisions. It helps understand sales behavior by synthesizing big data in real-time. Data sets may include shifting weather patterns, COVID-19 implications, point-of-sale data streams, etc. Our PERITO Demand Analysis and Sensing Module complements traditional forecasting related techniques.


Product Segmentation is a flexible way of grouping products according to their sales patterns and product attributes. The Product Segmentation Module has a powerful algorithm that accurately identifies seasonal and trending items and provides management with a clear picture on how items should be managed in an optimal way – across all item numbers.


The ABC Categorization module delivers in-depth segmentation of products, channels, and customers according to factors such as volume, profitability, predictability, the product’s life-cycle stage, and Supply Chain impact. The module can do multi-dimensional ABC and can be fully customized to meet your needs.


With promotions accounting for a significant amount of overall turnover, managing promotional items is often a vital discipline. Modelling the price impact and collecting market intelligence from sales is a daunting task if not done systematically. The Campaign Module helps planners challenge input from sales and provide data-driven estimates of promotional impacts.


The hierarchy and attributes contained in the full product hierarchy must be complete, accurate, and clean – down to single item numbers. The Data Cleaning Module ensures that all numerical sales data history at SKU level is imported into your forecasting system. Complete, clean and accurate in an automated way. The module has features to establish rules for verification and alerts  to prevent incorrect data being imported and/or exported from the system.

Demand Planning Execution by PERITO/Client

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