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What are the Benefits and How to get Started?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) or the S&OP Deluxe?

Whatever you call it, an IBP solution is the most holistic and up-to-date way to manage your supply chain.

The concept behind IBP software is the optimization of your supply chain from more than just an operational point of view. Different viewpoints from sales, production and finance all need to be considered, and the IBP software can do this.

Why Choose PERITO as your Provider of IBP Software?

We provide you with an innovative Supply Chain Solution Provider that optimizes the synergy of data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and specialists to help organizations transform Integrated Business Planning to reach and surpass their business outcomes at a global scale.

An IBP Solution is the Next Generation of Sales and Operations Planning

The next generation of sales and operations planning (S&OP) is made up of several vital modules that create a holistic planning flow in your supply chain.

An IBP software solution from Perito becomes the core in your supply chain planning. It will give you the ability to see everything on a very detailed level while also providing a current and precise overview of your entire supply chain.

But what can you do to get started with an IBP in supply chain?

Get an overview of why Perito IBP 360 software solution is the essential tool for the future supply chain, and to find out how to get started using IBP.

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The Most Central Modules in PERITO IBP 360°

The goal of the IBP process is a holistic planning flow. Essentially, integration of all data in your business makes your supply chain run better than your competitors’. This is only possible due to a specific set of planning modules.

This module have a powerful forecasting engine, capable of sensing trends and seasonality with high accuracy. This includes data sensing, product segmentation and categorization, campaign management and data cleaning automation.

The analytical tools within this module enable you to optimize your inventories based on a total cost calculation across e.g. varying lead times, physical space requirements, working capital, lost sales and stock-out penalties.

This module focuses on planning behavior. Identify areas of improvement and potentials where inventory balances are not justified by demand, demand variability, or historical supply needs.

This module is the simulation of the consequences of your demand plan and your forecast. Every node in your network gets calculated here to simulate what can happen when changes occur.

The Perito Capacity Balancing module highlights bottlenecks in labour and production capacity several months in advance. This eliminates surprises related to staffing requirements or production capacity.

The tool enables your organization to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and planning in every part of the IBP process.

The Control Tower module is the process and KPI overview that enables you to analyze and effectively manage supply chain operations in real-time.

Financial forecasting helps you to do more with less. Connecting a Financial Forecasting Module to your demand planning impacts your rolling financial forecast — both on an aggregated level, as well as across the total product hierarchy.

By combining all the modules in a Perito 360° IBP software solution, the IBP will address every issue that might occur in your supply chain. IBP software can ultimately be an end-to-end IBP solution customized to your specific needs.

But how do you get started with an IBP process? Well, at first, you need to get hold of data… all the data you have.

Proved 25% better performance than any other Supply Chain Software
Lowest Cost of Ownership supporting high ROI
Data-Driven Approach that quantifies and measures it all in financial terms

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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PERITO proved to be outstanding at identifying a robust S&OP solution that balances our current maturity levels with our goals for improved S&OP planning. In the supply chain domain, it is rare to come across consultants of this caliber who think end-to-end and have the skillset to implement solutions that seamlessly integrate people, technology and processes.

Steen Winkler, Head of SIOP, Business Unit Service, Vestas Wind Systems A/S


… We chose PERITO for their Managed Services. PERITO is now responsible for managing all statistical areas of our demand planning that requires expert statistical skills. Having PERITO specialists to support enables us to provide more precise forecasts – and thus build trust in the planning process across the organization and among retail partners. Through our partnership with PERITO, we can leverage our core competencies much better and improve our collaboration with the global sales organization …

Jacob Frederiksen, Sr. Director, Planning & Operation, Bang & Olufsen


…Boiled down to its essence, our IT Vendor Selection for IBP Software contained benchmarks across 12 different Software vendors. We examined features and functionalities across all IT vendors and compiled fundamental considerations into a Software Advice Vendor Scorecard. PERITO won the IT Vendor selection because they met and understood our requirements regarding how to balance Demand Planning and Planning of capacity(3M)

Birgit Thomsen, Board Member, DINEX

Empower supply chain transparency through PERITO IBP 360° Solution

Creating a More Transparent Supply Chain

IBP Integrates Finance, Sales and Marketing with Production and Inventories

You need data from finance, marketing, and sales.

Seems simple? Not necessarily.

Finance, sales, and marketing usually work according to their own agendas. They have their own work cycles made up of their own datasets and ways of doing business.

So, the real question is: How do you get finance, sales, and marketing to collaborate?

First, you need to apply different strategies for different business functions.

Finance is interested in budgeting and rolling forecasts. They are usually very good at planning and enjoy the planning process. In this case, the supply chain manager just needs to gather the plans and data that finance works with and combine them with the plans and data from production and inventories.

Secondly, you need data from sales and marketing, however that is typically not nearly as simple.

Sales and Marketing have a reputation for being worse at planning. Typically, they are much better at execution than organizing. Supply chain managers therefore need make their requests easy for sales and marketing to handle. They need to speak their language. The data you can expect to get from sales and marketing is data that comes from CRM systems and campaign plans and/or future sales predictions.

The key is making thinks easy for them and get them to engage with the data by giving results, overview, and transparency in return – giving them the opportunity to perform better.

The good news is that with an implemented IBP solution, communication issues will be much easier to handle and hopefully a problem of the past.

IBP is the Core of Your Supply Chain

An IBP is the core of your supply chain.

The main point is that when a Perito IBP 360° solution is implemented, the IBP solution translates information that comes from every area of your business. The IBP solution is an all-knowing core of information that can extract data, analyze it, and translate it into the language spoken by the department that needs it.

Brilliant, to say the least.

This essentially means that the second something changes in the sales pipeline, production is instantly made aware. At the same time, finance will be able to change their revenue based on the current data.

In continuation of this, an IBP 360° makes you simultaneously able to see your business on a very detailed level and get an overview of the entire supply chain. The capability to move back and forth between detail and overview is a vital tool to put you ahead of your competitors.

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