Global Roll-out of Supply Chain Solution for the World largest Wind Turbine Service Provider

Vestas Wind Systems are the leading energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions (17 demand regions, 10 inventory regions and + 1.200 service centers). Based on a data-driven IT Vendor Selection (sample of 15.000 SKU’s), PERITO’s IBP Software Solution has been selected as preferred implementation partner among the best ranked in Gartner Groups Magic Quadrant.


  • A highly complex data model has been automated,  developed and integrated to SAP systems in less than 6 months.
  • A new innovative IBP Planning Concept covering 10 inventory regions and 1,200 service centers has been rolled out in less than 24 months.
  • Forecast accuracy has improved by +15% before impact of adding market intelligence and service level planned up by 7% at inventory regions to support right sizing of working capital.
  • Inventory turnover planned to be increased significantly.
  • Real-time simulations on a weekly basis (man hours on inventory regions, stock out situations, service level changes, etc.).
  • High Stakeholder satisfaction in the Vestas Service organization – from C-level to daily users of  the Perito IT system.
  • Weekly control and performance measurement at all levels – up and downstream and at lowest possible level in the product hierarchy (45,.000 active SKU’s).
  • + 100 million Monte Carlo Simulations to support correct safety stock settings for all 45,000 SKU’s
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