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Companies need to accelerate the pace of digital transformation if they want to deliver cost savings and growth during high supply chain volatility in a high inflationary environment. But how to decide on the best trade-offs while still funding the needed digital transformation.

Understand the Capacities of your Supply Chain and Planning Process with a Data-Driven Assessment based on your own Data

A data-driven Supply Chain Assessment will:

  • Analyze your Supply Chain performance
  • Identify key elements for the future operating model
  • Assess potential benefits and improvement areas

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Why get a Data-Driven Supply Chain Assessment?

75% of global companies do not feel strongly that their company has the right S&OP/IBP tools, processes, or resources in place to communicate effectively with executives about supply chain performance or decisions.

Data-Driven Forecast Assessment to benchmark current forecasting accuracy up against optimized forecast.

Data-Driven Inventory Assessment (Parameters) to identify optimal safety stocks based on target service level and benchmark to existing safety stock or reorder points. Analyze savings and show how they are distributed (working capital, lost sales, obsolescence OPEX etc.).

Data-Driven Inventory Assessment (Behavior): Validate compliance in actual planning to separate parameter optimization from behavioral impact. Identify key potential areas of planning behavior improvement.

Future operating model: Input to the operating model for the future S&OP process and recommendations for implementing a new operating model in phases based on maturity.

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Benefits of a Data-Driven Supply Chain Assessment:

  • Establish a baseline and analyze current Supply Chain Performance based on your live data.
  • Identifying and quantifying benefits of the Supply Chain and how they should be harvested.
  • Identifying and recommending key elements of the future Operating Model, as well as assessing its potential benefits.
  • Build the overall business case for change and high-level roadmap including focused activities.
  • Address how data-driven Integrated Business Planning (IBP)┬ácan improve your supply chain and locate potential key elements.

Empower Supply Chain Transparency through PERITO IBP 360┬░ Solution

Creating a More Transparent Supply Chain
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