Financial Forecasting

Integration of Demand Planning and Financial Planning is Critical

Today, finance is expected to do more with less, producing greater detail with fewer errors, and in less time. To accomplish this, you need a Financial Planning Solution where you can create and connect output from the PERITO Demand Planning Module to financials being able to generate gross to net figures or cash flow statements faster and more accurate than today.

In average, PERITO improve forecast accuracy by 25%, forecast over-estimation by 37% and under-estimation by 23%. These forecast numbers have significant impact on your rolling financial forecasts – on an aggregated level as well as across the total product hierarchy.

The benefits of connecting Demand Planning to our Financial Planning Module are obvious as it:


Bridge a more accurate monthly P&L and rolling forecast using the forecast created by the Demand Planning Module. It creates one set of numbers fast and effectively where the same forecast that drives Operations and Sales and Marketing drives gross margin, variable costs, and cash flow. Rolling forecasts are available in multiple dimensions, e.g. across entire customers, markets and product hierarchies.

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