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Cut delivery times. Cut excess costs. Our supply chain software solution becomes your competitive advantage.

Are your decisions based on data or intuition?

Many companies are a kind of hybrid mode. Of course you have data planning and facts, but you probably also have intuition playing a big part in the decision making.

If you fall in that category, we recommend that you investigate what our supply chain management software can do for you.

The more complex your supply chain is the better we operate!

We know that we can make remarkable results like:

  • Reducing your working capital by more than 20%
  • Reducing time spend on forecasting
  • … and increase quality in sales, purchasing and production
  • Automating and upgrading your most critical S&OP process

What you get

_ A digital supply chain platform covering the entire S&OP process

_ Software with fully loaded automations and linked to your ERP system

_ A team of experts who knows what’s going on in the S&OP world – just a phone call away

_ Access to a team of specialists ready to take some of the load when things get tough

Our mission is to get your supply chain run better than your competitors!

Click the button and see how you can get a supply chain assessment of your own data!

Client Testimonials

"PERITO proved to be outstanding at identifying a robust S&OP solution that balances our current maturity levels with our goals for improved S&OP planning. In the supply chain domain, it is rare to come across consultants of this caliber who think end-to-end and have the skillset to implement solutions that seamlessly integrate people, technology and processes."
Steen Winkler
Head of SIOP, Business Unit Service, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
"… We chose PERITO for their Managed Services. PERITO is now responsible for managing all statistical areas of our demand planning that requires expert statistical skills. Having PERITO specialists to support enables us to provide more precise forecasts – and thus build trust in the planning process across the organization and among retail partners …"
Jacob Frederiksen
Sr. Director, Planning & Operation, Bang & Olufsen
"…Boiled down to its essence, our IT Vendor Selection for IBP Software contained benchmarks across 12 different Software vendors. We examined features and functionalities across all IT vendors and compiled fundamental considerations into a Software Advice Vendor Scorecard. PERITO won the IT Vendor selection because they met and understood our requirements regarding how to balance Demand Planning and Planning of capacity (3M)"
Birgit Thomsen
Board Member, DINEX

Empower supply chain transparency through PERITO IBP 360° Solution

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