Tier 1 and Tier 2 Customer Support

Tier 1 Customer Support is PERITO’s basic level of customer service. All general questions related to PERITO’s IBP software, data required to maintain the IBP Solution, or our  Managed Services, are made directly to PERITO’s Operations Center. In case of any issues on tools or data, the Client can ask PERITO to investigate the cause of the issue. If the issue is caused by PERITO‘s tools or data this is not invoiced, as it is important to rise all issues for swift correction. If a Tier 1 Customer Support Assistant is not able to resolve the issue, the problem is classified and passed on to the appropriate Tier 2 Customer Support located in Denmark. At this point an issue tracking ticket is issued to the Client.

Tier 2 Customer Support is staffed by technicians who have troubleshooting capabilities beyond the Tier 1 Assistants. The Tier 2 Help Desk Technicians have a deep insight into our IBP Solutions and can address and solve the problem directly. All our Tier 2 Technicians have more than +10 years of experience in the field of IBP.


IBP IT Architecture Optimization typically supports the IBP process from 3 distinct platforms: The ERP platform, the Datawarehouse System and the IBP Business Solution.

These platforms vary across different types of technologies / brands. Often, our Clients’ Enterprise IT Architectures include various systems and solutions across multiple legal entities. PERITO assist clients in the design and implementation of an optimal Enterprise IBP Architecture ranging from one or various ERP and Datawarehouse systems. We integrate components from the PERITO IBP Solutions in a digitalized way into your IT Architecture no matter how many or which ERP platform or Datawarehouse solutions you may prefer to use.


The PERITO Software Upgrade Service gives you rapid access to the latest updates for your IBP software modules. We are constantly developing and improving our IBP Software System and embedded software, and this service makes it easy for you to take advantage of the latest advances in PERITO software technology. Upgrades are made fast and cheap on a regularly basis to always meet your management needs. The availability of software upgrades varies depending on the product in question. 90% of all upgrades are made within a period of few weeks.

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