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Make better Supply Chain Decisions based on a unique Data-Driven Approach

Technology for technology’s sake means nothing. No matter your market or customers, you are in the business of making the best Supply Chain decisions possible. That is why you need us. PERITO’s 360 IBP Solution is built on recognized solutions that empower you to extract value and deliver ROI in a fraction of time of other enterprise software systems.

Some of the World’s leading companies use PERITO’s IBP Software to manage Supply Chain volatility.

PERITO‘s engagements are initiated with a Data-Driven Value Assessment based on thousands of item numbers proving data insight on how forecast accuracy, optimizing stock or balancing service levels can be considerably improved. We do it faster, better and cheaper than anyone else in the market. We quantify and justify the ROI before our solutions are delivered.

We call it the 25 difference, and result making is our mantra.

Turn data into a Supply Chain Network with a proven quantitative PERITO 360 IBP Solution

"If you can't measure it, you can't optimize it."

Leverage PERITO's IBP Solution to meet tomorrows
Supply Chain Challenges

PERITO have proven its value to industry-leading companies across multiple industry verticals, including Defense, Manufacturing, Automotive, Consumer Products, Energy & Storage, Pharma, and Life Sciences.



Real-time Simulations

We run global network simulation experiments for safety stock estimation, service levels setting, risk analyses, and cash flow planning – always at item number level. PERITO IBP software gives you the power to simulate, experiment, optimize, and innovate for your Supply Chain.

Data-Driven Approach

Our engagements are initiated with a Data-Driven Value Assessment based on thousands of item numbers proving data insight on how much forecast accuracy and balance inventory levels can be improved. We quantify and justify the ROI before our solutions are delivered in order to set expectations regarding the value that will be derived. We do it better than anyone else in the marked. It is called the PERITO 25 difference.

Inventory + Economic Drivers

All stock levels are determined based on the highest possible economic profit. Based on advanced statistical simulations we connect uncertainty in sales patterns with all relevant economic factors to reach the economically optimal stock levels. Our method is called Economic Stock Optimization (ESO) and is recognized as “best of breed” by McKinsey.

System Architecture is Key

With the PERITO IBP Solution you can integrate all different ERP systems with one planning solution and automatically connect with all other applications as you expand. This allows you to complete S&OP and S&OE integration.

Experts as a Service

PERITO are more than just software. We add highly skilled forecast experts and data scientists as a part of our Value Proposition. We challenge your daily demand and inventory management operation and advise you based on the unique needs of your business.

Time to Value

PERITO are dedicated to deliver solutions with measurable results at the lowest cost of ownership. Our specialists work closely with our clients in order to understand and design a realistic plan to deliver results in shortest possible time.

PERITO's IBP Solution Built For You

Executive Management
Supply Chain Executives, Leaders and Managers
Business Strategy & Transformation Leaders and Managers
IT Leaders and Managers

PERITO's IBP Solution Built For You

A real and fact-based data-driven approach that justify and quantify your company’s Return On Investment in financial terms.

Based on data from thousand of item numbers from your company.

Establish a data-driven foundation to justify the Financial Business Case and Return on Investment in less than 4 weeks from handing over your company’s data.

Supply Chain Process Improvements are an illusion for many Companies:

0 %

of companies reveal that despite intense efforts they cannot demonstrate measurable improvements in performance”.

Quote from Gartner Group

We realize that there are many programs competing for your capital budget.

We also know that all Supply Chain vendors, being consultants or software providers, are selling their value proposition based on the same premises such as the ability to optimize stocks by 20% or reduce stock-out by the same amount.

So your biggest challenge is how to choose the best Supply Chain Vendor being able to maximize the most your business value at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership, avoiding to be among the 68% that cannot demonstrate measurable improvements in performance, according to Gartner Group.

PERITO have a solution to your greatest Supply Chain concern as PERITO have made it possible to measure your Supply Chain operation’s current performance – on thousands of SKU’s. It is possible to transform your Supply Chain’s performance into Financial Value regardless of whether lack in performance is related to Demand, Inventory or Supply issues.

Does that really mean that the ability to reduce numeric forecast errors can be transformed directly into financial savings? Yes it certainly does. Does that really mean that you can calculate the cost of increasing/decreasing service levels at SKU levels? Yes it does. Is it true that inappropriate planning behavior can be quantified as well. Yes it is. PERITO can extract, calculate, measure, monitor and transform almost any given Supply Chain decision into financial terms. That is why our PERITO IBP Solution is BUILT FOR YOU.

Learn more about How to Build a
Data-Driven Business Case.

Industrial background from metal parts produced in metal industry
Wind Turbines
Military aircraft

5 Questions you should ask about your
future Supply Chain Investment:

  1. First, all Supply Chain decisions must be translated into Economic terms (Euro’s) – regardless of whether they are strategic, tactical or operational.
  2. Secondly, whether it is a Forecast, Inventory, Capacity or Service Level Assessment, it MUST be done at the lowest possible level – at the Stock-Keeping-Unit Level (SKU’s). Keep transparency at all times.
  3. Thirdly, base your data-driven Assessment on thousand of SKU’s (up to 10.000 SKU’s) and a representative “snap-shot” of your company’s Supply Chain (e.g. Central Warehouse, Stores).
  4. Fourthly, you must demand full transparency in reporting of the Data-Driven Assessment so that you are able to track any given change in monetary terms at any given level in the product hierarchy or up and downstream in the Supply Chain. Full transparency supports that no data are manipulated and ensures buy-in from the line of Business.
  5. Fifthly, ask the Supply Chain Vendor to demonstrate the ability to perform real-time simulations, e.g. changes in economy based on various service levels, always at lowest level and on huge data volumes.

If your future Supply Chain Vendor is able to deliver on all five areas, then it is quite likely that true demand-supply financial integration will succeed in your company!

We Walk the Talk

“Delivering not just Academic Supply Chain Expertise,
but Sustainable Results.“

Whenever required or demanded we do the Data-Driven Value Assessment. We have done it for e.g. The Danish Defense, the world largest Service Provider in Renewables, Takeda which is one of the largest Pharmaceutical Companies in the world, among others. We are proud to have won them all. Not because we are bigger than our competitors or have a better or longer reference list. We simply win because we are value-based oriented and innovative.

We are always willing to prove that we are 20-25% better than any other planning solution when it comes to performance and the ability to maximize value. We provide you with a fact-based and bullet-proof business case where actual Financial Value can be easily understood and justified by high level stakeholders within your organization.


Empower Supply Chain Transparency through PERITO’s Digital Supply Chain Solution

PERITO’s mission is to be recognized as a premium Supply Chain Software Vendor to enable Supply Chains to run and optimize their decisions and businesses 25% better than any other Planning Solution in the market. 


Connect with us today and start your journey to with a Data-Driven Value Assessment of your current Supply Chain performance.





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