Control Tower Modules

An important part of PERITO's IBP End-To-End Solution

PERITO’s Control Tower Modules are an important part of PERITO’s IBP end-to-end Solution. They help provide a comprehensive, end-to-end Supply Chain visibility enabling enterprises to obtain deeper insight into their Supply Chains’ current and historical performance.

PERITO’s Control Tower Modules enable you to analyse and effectively manage Supply Chain operations in real-time.

Further, they make it easier to identify current and potential problems in the Supply Chain processes and thus, improve overall decision making. Since it is integrated in real-time with data sources of your ERP, it is possible to obtain detailed order information.

PERITO’s Control Tower Modules enable you to optimize your strategic value. It allows for innovative strategies uniquely positioned to empower supply chains.




The KPI Development Module focuses on providing end-to-end Supply Chain visibility and control. The module provides actionable, granular visibility and operational control across the entire Supply Chain, helping to optimize and fulfill lead times, reduce inventory costs, mitigate exceptions in real-time and increase number of orders. 


The intelligent Demand and Supply Alert Module guides the business towards high impact interference on demand and supply issues. To a large extent demand and supply optimization are automated. However, the response time to changes can be significantly reduced by adding market intelligence. The alerts ensure efficiency in this process.


The Order Compliance and High Pull Alert Module Tool for tracking all order lines (Sales and Purchase Orders) created day by day across the entire organization, flagging orders that could potentially create stock-outs, allowing order handlers to react immediately before the orders are expedited. In realization that most Available_To_Promise Checks in ERP Solutions do not have the necessary detailed business rules for Prioritizing, Scheduling and Rescheduling orders in complex supply networks, companies need a tool for flagging order lines as well as adding analytical information to the individual order lines, allowing order handlers to make decisions of whether to e.g. reschedule orders or reduce order quantities, in line with the intended supply strategy of the entire company. 

Combined with the PERITO Delivery Performance KPI (OTIF) Tool and our MRP Simulation Tool that flags potential future supply issues, you will not only have a firm grasp of the performance of your Supply Chain but also the ability to react to and fix issues before they arise.   


Most planning systems tend to have a one-dimensional focus on the data modelling side of forecasting and far too often we see that Supply Chain Management leaders make decisions in a data vacuum where demand, inventory, and supply roles are not connected. Supply Chain Leaders need to make timely, value-based decisions so they can respond quickly to shifts in demand and customer needs. Further, it is crucial that tasks are being addressed to the right Supply Chain resources and that the Integration Tool can lock and monitor when a task has been planning and executed. 

The Task Management Module makes it easy to communicate and distribute tasks within the planning system and has a built-in functionality that automates the follow-up process. Basically, it links it all together to support your Governance Policy, roles and responsibilities. The tool enables your organization to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of the IBP process.

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