Real Data, Real Insights

In the right hands understanding the underlying complexity of your data makes the difference.

Businesses — and particularly Supply Chains — are deluged by data. This is a good problem to have as long as the business can develop the capability to extract, collate, scale, transform, analyze, and use this data at the right place and the right time, and thereby gain competitive advantage.


Data-Driven Insights

PERITO has developed a set of best-in-class processes and Supply Chain tools to define, calculate and manage data, identify meaningful patterns and generate crucial insights into the performance of your Supply Chain.

It is all about understanding how to process data in ways never done before. In PERITO all stock levels are for instance determined based on the highest possible economic profit. Based on advanced statistical simulations we connect uncertainty in sales patterns with all relevant economic factors to reach the economically optimal stock levels. This method is called Economic Stock Optimization (ESO) and is recognized as “best of breed” by a world leading consultancy company.

Thus, our Data-Driven Approach examines what is needed to successfully transform the Supply Chain into a digital function where all decisions and actions are informed by data. It explains how a unified Supply Chain Software Platform can maximize agility, minimize complexity, and help deliver the desired business outcome.


Fact-based Decision Making is Key

PERITO use a full range of proven data management techniques to capture the correct data accurately, minimize redundancy and reduce inconsistency.

And PERITO work with data from nearly all existing ERP, inventory or warehouse management, transportation management, accounting, or other back-end systems, including SAP, Oracle or any other leading software platform.

Data Management Solutions from PERITO put together all the information you need to manage a more efficient, more agile and less costly supply chain at your fingertips. PERITO make it easy. Achieve increased compliance with regulatory requirements through robust data governance processes. Get improved visibility across procurement, warehousing, inventory, distribution, logistics, and customers.

Ready-to-Run Road Map

Execution manager

Execution Control Monitoring: SC Target Settings, KPI and KBI Monitoring (Forecast Accuracy, Inventory Levels, Service Level Development, Supplier Performance, Planning Behavior, etc.) Yearly Performance Review /audit to stretch business potentials.

PERITO's IBP toolbox

First and second level technical support of PERITO IBP Solution. Master data Management Compliance. Technical Customizations, integration to new planning entities, etc.

Accelerated data based approach

Data-driven IBP Assessment: Forecast Assessment, Inventory Assessment, Service Level Assessment, Master Data Assessment, Business Case, Supply Chain Proof-of-Concept

Specialized competencies

IBP as a service. Operational supply chain specialists ensure forecast validation, safety stock calculation, inventory control at part number level for thousands of part numbers.

Customized planning design

Customization of IBP Planning Concept. Design future IBP/ERP IT architecture, Deployment Module (CLOUD and/or On Premise), Future Operating Execution Model

Scalable processes

IBP Governance, IBP process design, Process Integration, Mobilization of IBP Organisation, Training & Education, Process Digitalization / Automation.

Our Data-Driven Approach is divided into
4 critical phases for developing and operating
a World-class Supply Chain Function


It is all about transforming data into business value. With so much data available to organizations, the true test of building, leveraging and optimizing a data-driven Supply Chain is understanding what data you have, where it is and what its intrinsic business value is.

PERITO have developed an innovative data-driven approach to Demand Planning, Inventory and Supply Chain Management Optimization which is totally different from anything else being offered in the market. We do not provide you with a business case based on benchmark data or against what other client have experienced. Instead, our business case is founded based on your own data and Supply Chain complexity.

We do it faster, better and cheaper than anyone else in the market. We quantify and justify the ROI before our solutions are delivered in order to set expectations regarding the value that will be derived.

We call it the 25% difference.   

Perito IBP Software


Gartner Research reveals that the best way for companies to analyze Supply Chain Planning technology and find the best fit for their requirements are to consider three key questions below. We do agree but stress the idea to add a fourth questions:

What is real performance of different technologies? Until now, companies have not really been focused on this topic.

  1. What type and level of planning (decision making) is your business looking to support now and in the future?
  2. What type of technology is required now and in the future? Is it foundational to support planning visibility and decision alignment or does it need to be more advanced and differentiating to enable business capabilities?
  3. What type of planning environment will the Supply Chain Planning technology need to support in the future? What mix of planning capabilities will be required to support the future environment in the best way?
  4. What are my options in terms of different technologies? How do they support planning needs and what is real performance based on data from my company?

Our Value Proposition is named PERITO IBP 360 because we offer you all the required elements you may need for successful Supply Chain execution. Therefore, we also ensure that our customized planning design embraces all the critical questions addressed by Gartner Group.

We are proud to announce that only PERITO’s IBP Supply Chain Solution meets all Gartner Group’s Stage 4 (IBP Planning enabling full Value Chain Integration) requirements. We know it because we won the Public IT Vendor Selection by The Danish Defense supporting Stage 4 requirements.

Perito IBP Software


Many organizations tend to view technology as the savior or the holy grail that will solve all the problems, increase efficiencies, reduce Supply Chain costs, and increase profits. And it just might do that but only if the people component has been properly addressed.

The introduction of new Supply Chain Technology is in essence also a Change Management initiative as things will certainly be changing; operating models, planning concepts, governance, processes and competencies will need to change, and people’s mindset as well. To successfully manage and execute this (or any) Transformation Roll-out, five key elements are essential as shown in the figure to the right. The elements are mutually exclusive as each of the five element all are input to the future Supply Chain Planning Operation.

The Supply Chain Technology enables the change, but planning is more than a tool. It is also about humans (competencies, roles & responsibilities, ability to change etc.), content (politics, principles, parameters, reports, meeting agendas etc.) and processes. PERITO provide all the required S&OP specialists to facilitate your S&OP Vision and future Governance in the Global / Local Roll-Out to ensure successful daily operation.

But most importantly, your S&OP Governance approach must be data-driven. That is the only way to ensure that S&OP goals and initiatives are fact-based enabling TRANSPARENCY, ACCOUNTABILITY AND TRUST. That is why PERITO always visualize quantifiable potentials early in the process in order to create attention, management buy-in and financial focus.

Roll-Out of Supply Chain Transformation - 5 Critical Success Factors


With increasing market and demand volatility Supply Chains face growing challenges. Demand Sensing uses technology that incorporates huge amounts of data and recognizes patterns enabling Supply Chains with actionable signals and ability to make accurate decisions. It helps understand sales behavior by synthesizing big data in real-time. Data sets may include shifting weather patterns, COVID-19 implications, point-of-sale data streams, etc. Our PERITO Demand Analysis and Sensing Module complements traditional forecasting related techniques.

Perito IBP Software

Successful Supply Chains are Data-Driven

Gathering data on your Supply Chain and extracting actionable information from that data is key to growth. Tracking the movement of your Supply Chain will help you increase efficiencies throughout your operation. Among other things you will be able to handle materials faster, optimize floor space, and improve future forecasts.

With real-time data at your fingertips you can always be confident that you are making the right decisions to keep costs down and to continuously improve productivity. Nothing allows you to take the calculated risks to embrace innovation quite like becoming a data-driven operation.

Successful Supply Chains Empower Employees

Through effective labor management Supply Chain leaders can empower their top workers, making them more invested in the success of the company.

By incentivizing performance and carefully tracking every position on your floor to determine bottlenecks, you can control the largest variable cost in your Supply Chain. That is why PERITO on a regular basis assist our clients in measuring Supply Chain Performance on all KPIs required to ensure a successful operation and focus on any given critical deviation.

Successful Supply Chains promote Transparency

The companies that use their Supply Chain as an engine of growth for the whole organization freely share data throughout the entire organization. The Supply Chain is not isolated in its own world. Everything is connected to increase the efficiency and profitability of your entire business.

Complete tracking within your Supply Chain also enables your organization to be more accountable and compliant. From maintaining lot control and keeping tabs on expiration dates, transparency within your Supply Chain can go a long way towards minimizing financial and reputational losses in the event of a recall.

Successful Supply Chains are prepared for the Unexpected

The more things change, the more your organization needs to be able to adapt to solve new problems. The most successful organizations can apply their values and vision for the company to the solutions needed to overcome unexpected hurdles.

Having actionable plans in place will support all your business decisions and trickle efficiency improvements throughout the organization. Embracing innovation will lead to choosing the correct systems and software that can scale up with your growth. Transparency and data help you discover hidden inefficiencies to improve your profitability and root out problems before they even start to impact your production.

That is why we recommend a Data-Driven S&OP Governance Process. In a data-driven governance everything ties together, leading to your Supply Chain becoming a high-powered engine for profitable growth – based on transparency, facts and thereby trust.
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