In a volatile and competitive business environment Supply Chains must operate to bring their products to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before – Simply put, there is little room for inaccurate forecasts.

Our Demand Planning Optimization Service can help you: Segment your products and customers to identify the optimal forecast approach; analyze demand patterns to improve forecasting capabilities with our data-driven Supply Chain Analytics Solution; establish a new Integrated Business Planning operating model that bridges the gap between S&OP and finance; analyze time buckets and product hierarchies to determine the optimal aggregation level for statistical forecasting.


Several steps precede the implementation of inventory software. As a starting point, organizations need to define their customer service strategy and assign service level targets across customer and product classifications. Once defined, the next step is to analyze how far current inventory levels are from supporting the target service levels.  Unlike traditional consulting based on peer benchmarks, we apply a highly data-driven approach on a granular level.  Doing so means we can identify areas with the highest potentials and provide an unprecedented level of transparency of how the savings are distributed on reduced working capital, lost sales, physical space requirements and obsolete costs.


At the core of successful manufacturing companies is the simple, although yet elusive formula: Supply should meet demand. 

Solving that formula is not as easy as it sounds.  Based on our proven Supply Planning Methodology we can provide an end-to-end assessment of the weaknesses in your current capacity planning and help establishing an improved operating model including both redesigned processes and tools.


Many Supply Chain networks evolve to satisfy growth and changing needs. Changes in infrastructure are costly but have the potential to reduce logistic costs and improve customer experience significantly. The challenge is diagnosing your Supply Chain’s current state and then make a case for changes that ensure your inventories are right-sized and in the best locations.

Our Supply Chain Network Optimization founded on comprehensive statistical simulation (ESO) provides an end-to-end Supply Chain perspective that shows how changes in inventory infrastructure will impact your logistic costs, given various constraints. By creating a digital model to evaluate trade-offs in changes in your Supply Chain network, we can establish a no risk environment where you can see the outcome of high-stakes decisions before you turn them into reality. If you need to develop strategies to launch new products or establish new markets, we can help design an optimized supply network by developing a comprehensive plan based on state-of-the-art simulation to ensure the right infrastructure.


On-time-in-full (OTIF) is a key Supply Chain performance indicator that measures a company’s ability to deliver on its promises in the order-to-delivery process. PERITO offer cutting edge OTIF optimization solutions that help your business to identify and prioritize potential risks and root causes, while proactively improving OTIF scores through Supply Chain optimization. 

We can leverage machine learning algorithms that iteratively query data through constraint-based modeling to find the core set of factors with the greatest predictive accuracy. Our customizable solutions also help finding new patterns in Supply Chain data on a regular basis, thereby eliminating human intervention.


Warehouse Optimization is vital to develop lean warehouses and agile Supply Chains. The most efficient warehouses are those that have been optimized to beat the competition at every level.

PERITO’s Warehouse Optimization Solution helps to save time, space, and resources which again helps to enhance flexibility, improve warehouse management, and customer satisfaction. Our solutions incorporate a variety of algorithms, including wave, zone, and batch picking to seamlessly optimize warehouse operations.

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