The PERITO Academy

High-impact Data-Driven Supply Chain Training for Companies

Creating Your Supply Chain Academy

PERITO’s Supply Chain Academy is focusing on training corporate Supply Chain departments. For our clients we create a world-class learning environment that is data-driven and thus founded around the underlying complex in your Supply Chain. This allows everyone within your Supply Chain team to develop the skills that are required for their specific roles reflecting the nature of the supply chain tasks as it is.

We upskill your entire Supply Chain team and qualify them for their roles – whether they work on the warehouse floor or are charged with designing Supply Chain networks. Training is done on-site. Our personalized learning journeys get people to the right level of competence for their role and keep them there, across all necessary skills, from manufacturing to demand planning to advanced analytics. We do that through practical, data-driven training that shows rather than tells.

Customized Academies

Data-driven training and education to your Supply Chain way of working – all the way of understanding the underlying complexity in Supply Chain data to your department’s role and required skills.

High Impact Learning

Results are our mantra. We educate you in how to make better Supply Chain decisions where data are transformed into financial terms. We teach you to continuously examine the daily performance of your Supply Chain and how to respond to this critical business information.

Role-Based Training

Data-driven training means that Role-Based Training is applied to all the IBP Tools and Software Modules that you need to fulfill your task and role.  Thus, Role-Based Training is based on facts and reality based decision making.



Forecasting is the backbone of planning in many industries. Yet, most companies suffer from costs associated with highly inaccurate forecasts. To improve forecasts Planners must possess a specific set of analytical and management skills. The Demand Planning Course is a unique opportunity to learn the essential Demand Planning skills you need to establish world-class forecasting in your company. During this 3-day course we will  develop your skills related to a 360 degree set-up around all the tasks needed to operate a Demand Planning Function – including data cleaning, forecast calculations, product segmentation, tuning of statistical models, handling of market intelligence, phase in/phase out issues, etc.


To achieve this goal, there are four key inventory drivers that must be optimized and managed with a vigilant eye (forecast, safety stock, lot size and planning behavior). Forecasts often capture most of the attention when it comes to inventory optimization. But without optimized safety stocks and a disciplined planning culture  forecast is of limited use. In this Course Track you will learn how to optimize each element that drives your inventories and see how it impacts the bottom line. By combining advanced data-driven methods with a practical hands-on approach you will learn how inventory optimization can create a high level of financial transparency in planning.  You will also learn how to manage the key inventory drivers and apply proven methods to identify the root causes of inventory imbalances.


For manufacturing companies balancing demand and supply is an essential discipline. Yet many companies struggle with proper tools and processes to sustain effective demand planning communications with Sales to ensure that bottlenecks are planned for in advance.

During the 3-day course you will learn how to assess bottlenecks in capacity effectively and simulate the impact of changing assumptions for manning, shifts or demand forecast. We will also cover the essential S&OP planning process between Sales and Capacity planning, so the company works based on a unified version of the future.


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