Why PERITO Consulting?
PERITO Consulting innovate the way companies operate their supply chains to achieve great results.

We are recognized as a premium operating IBP Consultancy firm - Serving customers and partners at a global scale.
Full Replenishment Transparency
"In addition to keeping stocks at a minimum, a critical element in our Replenishment Optimization Process is also to take full advantage of better terms from WhiteAway’s suppliers when planners order full truck loads. PERITO have transformed a highly complex manual task into a Software Solution where all parameters such as e.g. MOQ, mix restrictions and slow movers are considered. Truck optimization is fully digitalized. The solution ensures full transparency in the daily Replenishment Process by reporting what is next to be replenished. This is done by real times simulations and mathematical algorithms that handle app. 600 multiple conditions to be met at the same time."

Michael Klausen, Head of Purchasing Operations, WhiteAway Group
Balancing Maturity and Requirements
PERITO proved to be outstanding at identifying a robust S&OP solution that balances our current maturity levels with our goals for improved S&OP planning. In the supply chain domain, it is rare to come across consultants of this caliber who think end-to-end and have the skillset to implement solutions that seamlessly integrate people, technology and processes.”

Steen Winkler, Head of SIOP, Business Unit Service, Vestas Wind Systems A/S
Holistic Inventory Optimization
"The Economic Stock Optimization Module’s capability to translate customer service level aspirations, actual forecast accuracy and actual lead times into an optimal safety stock level allows to change Takeda's customer centric strategy into holistic inventory optimization”

Marco Lupo, Senior Director, Takeda
Experts as a Service
"The PERITO approach to forecasting has helped us gain a much better picture of how sales for each item develops and where our markets are heading. What sets PERITO apart is their unique blend of in-depth demand planning knowledge and their strong IT capabilities.

Today, PERITO's demand planning services mean that our planners do not need to add data science knowledge to their long list of required skills. Based on their managed services, PERITO have empowered our planners to spend much more time adding business insights instead of working on the exhausting statistics of baseline forecasting".

Henrik Storm Jørgensen, Former SVP, Corp. Supply Chain, AMBU
Improvement of 20%
"Our forecast have improved by 20% (points) and at
the same time we have reduced the workload
related to forecasting significantly"

Camilla Middelboe-Budde, S&OP Manager, Flügger A/S
Preferred IBP Software
"...Boiled down to its essence, our IT Vendor Selection for IBP Software contained benchmarks across 12 different Software vendors. We examined features and functionalities across all IT vendors and compiled fundamental considerations into a Software Advice Vendor Scorecard. PERITO won the IT Vendor selection because they met and understood our requirements regarding how to balance Demand Planning and Planning of capacity(3M)"

Birgit Thomsen, Board Member, DINEX
Improved Forecast Precision
“Since Perito started supporting us in 2016, the inventory has remained the same, but our revenue and activity level have almost doubled. Forecast precision has improved significantly and now the seasons are more accurately captured.“

Lars Bugge Stentebjerg, COO, Ball Group
"Sales and Supply Chain must work with predictive analytics and demand planning to achieve a truly robust forecast. Our monthly rolling forecast is far more precise because we now bridge to the Perito IBP360 solution resulting in forecast improvement of 25%"

Bettina Haarup, Head of Supply Chain, Envases Europe A/S, world leader in global packaging solutions
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Results delivered on time and within budget
"PERITO Consulting have guided us to define and implement a new operating model for our Sales and Operation Planning. Besides being very competent in the S&OP domain, PERITO also have great coding skills and assisted in implementing their solution smoothly into our SAP. The implementation of our new S&OP approach has been a valuable project which was delivered on time and within budget providing a solid base for efficient planning going forward.”

Dennis Thomsen, COO, Alumeco A/S
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Since no two ERP systems are alike, you can customize your PERITO IBP 360° Solution to adapt to your supply chain’s unique business needs. 

The more demanding customization becomes, the more we recommend deployment to our ON-PREMISE Platform. All in one place, your Planning Solution enables better decisions across the global supply chain.

Turning PERITO IBP 360° Solution into a valuable strategic supply chain asset

PERITO IBP 360° Solution enables innovative companies to achieve great results. A great place to start is with our comprehensive guide detailing our solution. Take a tour around the elements in our Business Model below. Move around the model to examine the different deliverables in our full stack solution. 

What is PERITO IBP 360° Solution?

The PERITO IBP 360° Solution brings all elements together to create global Supply Chain transparency supporting accurate records of the truth across the enterprise.

PERITO give you the confidence to know you are making the best decisions in time to make a difference. We solve complex supply chain problems in easy-to-understand ways by combining human and machine intelligence.

We are continuously pushing the limits of what is feasible when it comes to developing innovative ways and solutions for industries in which supply chain performance is essential.

We do our best to provide added value and innovation to our clients through unique solutions and delivery capabilities, along with extraordinary flexibility.

We take on the challenges that no one else can solve and we always strive to set new standards – locally and globally.

Lowest cost of ownership with PERITO

PERITO Consulting is an innovative human-machine “engine” that optimizes the synergy of data, applied intelligence, digital technologies and talent to help organizations transform planning to bridge future supply chain business needs.

As operating partner to our customers, PERITO are focused on delivering value. This is done in a way that is truly differentiated to ensure our customers a fit-for-purpose operation  to achieve higher levels of efficiency across the value chain.

We have named it the PERITO IBP 360° Solution – meaning that we provide you with the required elements you may ask for in order to be able to run your supply chain better than your competitors.


We are data-driven and use analytics to unleash power of data, generating real-time insights that support business results and recognized planning solutions.


Enabling digital capabilities – automation, AI, analytics, CLOUD and emerging new technologies – provides the optimal of expertise for performance impact.


We help clients with their need to leverage the explosion of unstructured data to generate data simulations and future level of insight to aim for superior outcomes.


With our clients we operate a scalable planning operation that harnesses talent, data and intelligence to enable a step change in performance.

Proved 25% better performance than any other Supply Chain Software
Lowest Cost of Ownership supporting high ROI
Data-Driven Approach that quantifies and measures it all in financial terms
The World’s best Companies use PERITO IBP 360° Solution


Empower supply chain transparency through
PERITO IBP 360° Solution

At PERITO Consulting, our mission is to be recognized as a premium Supply Chain Software Vendor to enable supply chains to run and optimize their decisions and businesses 25% better than any other Planning Solution in the market. Connect with us today and start your journey with a data-driven Value Assessment of your current supply chain performance.

Vestas Service

The world's largest wind turbine service provider

Vestas Wind Systems is the leading energy industry’s global partner on sustainable energy solutions. Based on a data-driven performance evaluation, PERITO Consulting was selected as preferred implementation partner in an IT vender selection among the best ranked in Gartner Groups Magic Quadrant. Today, an end-2-end Supply Chain Concept covering Spares & Main Components to The Global Vestas Service Business is in operation for 10 inventory regions and +1.200 service centers – with a PERITO Solution supporting all business requirements.

Head of Global SIOP & Warehouse Management Steen Winkler in Vestas Wind Systems and nominee as “Best Supply Chain Leader” by CBS/SCM.DK

Some Quick Facts

Retention Rate +93%
Implemented in more than 90 countries
In operation across +20 industries
Engaged by 1/3 of all OMXC25 members*
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