A full suite of Integrated Business Planning Solutions

designed to help you navigate rapid changes in your business

and profitably manage your Supply Chain

IBP Software

Our IBP software performs 25% better than any other Supply Chain software.

Demand Planning Solution

Improve accuracy. Reduce time spent. Build the trust in the forecast.

Inventory Planning Solution

The World’s most Advanced Technology for Inventory Planning.

S&OP Software

Sales & Operations Planning software to predict the future.

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Our Digital Supply Chain Platform is your backbone building an optimized and effective Supply Chain Planning

Perito IBP 360°

Core Planning Modules

Demand Planning

Reduce time spent and improve forecast quality

Inventory Planning

Calculate full cost transparency for each service level

Supply Planning

Optimize profit and margins while meeting the demand

Advanced Planning Modules

Financial Planning

Connect forecast directly to financials

Scenario Planning

Create scenarios to understand changes and respond effectively

S&OP Governance

Ensure alignment in tasks and roles throughout your organization

Control Tower

The Control Tower module combines data from all planning modules into a complete KPI overview that enables you to analyze and effectively manage supply chain operations in real-time

Consultancy Services

Co-partnership with Perito to support the daily IBP operation with continous interaction and knowledge-sharing with supply chain experts and data scientists

sustainable supply chain management software

Sustainability Wins Business:

Don't Fall Behind in Your Supply Chain Planning

Incorporating sustainability into your supply chain planning is no longer optional.

It’s a necessary business practice that can help you comply with regulations, meet customer demands, and even generate cost savings.

With deep transparency and data-driven decisions, you can unlock the full potential of your business and make sustainability operational in your daily planning.

Discover how you can maximize your business potential with sustainable supply chain planning.

Perito IBP 360°

Supply Chain Planning can enable companies to achieve great results. But only if you are in control with the planning and make decision based on facts – and not just intuition.

The Perito IBP 360° solution keeps you in control and allows you to anticipate and react. 

A full suite of Integrated Business Planning Solutions designed to help you navigate rapid changes in your business, profitably manage your Supply Chain and transform planning to bridge future Supply Chain business needs.

All in all the most holistic and up-to-date way to manage your Supply Chain Planning.

Our latest podcast episode

DLG Supply Chain Sustainability – S&OP MasterClass episode 10

The S&OP MasterClass™

The S&OP MasterClass™ dive into Integrated Business planning and Supply Chain Planning in general, to give you inspiration and knowledge on how to develop your supply chain and operations planning.

Check out our latest episode here or in your preferred podcast-app.

Supply Chain Experts

Perito’s operational consultants are characterised by deep consultancy and Supply Chain expertise. As a result, we are able to achieve remarkable results such as:

  • Revenue growth through differentiated supply chain processes – becoming a competitive advantage.
  • Responsiveness & Availability – Improving speed to market, reducing cost to market, and increasing customer service without adding cost.
  • Ensure the ability to efficiently source materials and/or sell products globally.
  • Cash flow optimization and the linkage to the total value of inventories.
  • Ensure that you stay in control of the future Supply Chain – avoiding risk to the P&L.

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Trusted by both large blue-chip customers
with global operations
and local well-renowned brands

Thise Dairy Cuts Waste by 20% with Improved Supply and Demand Forecasting
“With such significant results in our supply and demand planning, finding the money has not been a problem”
Nick Nørreby, Head of Logistics, Supply, and Planning, Thise Dairy
“PERITO proved to be outstanding at identifying a robust S&OP solution that balances our current maturity levels with our goals for improved S&OP planning.
In the supply chain domain, it is rare to come across consultants of this caliber who think end-to-end and have the skillset to implement solutions that seamlessly integrate people, technology and processes.”
Steen Winkler, Head of SIOP, Business Unit Service, Vestas Wind Systems A/S

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Empower Supply Chain transparency through PERITO IBP 360° Solution

Creating a More Transparent Supply Chain
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