Bridge Sales, Operations and Finance

Does your management process bridge the gap between Sales, Operations and Finance? Does it support timely decision making? Integrating departments to optimize end to end planning  is the key to optimize sales and reduce costs.

Sales, Operations and Finance often have conflicting agendas. Sales want to increase sales and doing so require high inventory levels. Operations want efficient production to keep production costs low – this means long productions runs which rhymes with high inventory levels. Finally Finance would like to see high profits and low levels of working capital.

Obviously, there is a need for alignment of conflicting agendas to enable decisions that benefits the company as whole. This is why Sales and Operation planning (S&OP) should be part of your management processes.

Establish S&OP process
and reduce planning costs

  • Experts who are trained to validate forecast and challenge market intelligence such as promotions, tenders and new product launches
  • Effective forecast processes based on experience from deploying Forecast360 in more than 50 countries. It mean that you can reduce time spent forecasting with up to 70%
  • Reporting on different levels of forecast aggregation and units of measure so everybody can see their relevant version of forecast
  • Based on high scale simulation Forecast360 help you indentify the safety stocks and minimum order quantities that lead to lowest possible costs
  • Customized tools uniquely build for forecasting and working with market intelligence