What are your forecasting

  • Do you already have forecasting software, but can’t seem to get an accurate forecast out of it?
  • Does your sales team ignore or “adjust” forecasts and end up with a lot of excess stock?
  • Are you trying to buy forecasting software, but can’t figure out which is best?

The reason forecasting
takes more than software

In search of world class forecasting a group of american professors have published a study of +150 companies. A key finding is that companies focus on technology and underestimate the importance of managing the human side of forecasting. Many companies have learned the hard way that behavior in organizations eat forecast software for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Based on multiple studies we propose something entirely different to achieve a world class forecasts. We call it Forecast360.
It is like adding a world class forecast department to your planning team – without the hassles and expenses of running your own department.

    • Depending on requirements Forecast360 can take as little as 1 week to implement
    • It requires no IT investments or steep consultancy fees
    • It’s a service based on a monthly fee. Fair and simple

The best driver and technology wins Formula 1.
Forecasting is no different



Forecast360 includes:

  • Experts who are trained to validate forecast and challenge market intelligence
  • Effective forecast processes reduce time spent forecasting with up to 70%
  • Reporting on different levels so everyone can see their relevant version of forecast
  • Calculation of safety stocks and minimum order quantities that lead to lowest possible costs
  • Customized tools uniquely build for forecasting and working with market intelligence