Stephan Skovlund (COO)

Stephan's core competence is the optimization of forecasting and inventory management with 8 years of practical experience. Based on experience as a forecast manager at Carlsberg he helped establish Perito Consulting in 2009. Stephan is also a statistics author and has 7 years of experience teaching statistics and logistics at universities and business schools.

Perito Consulting - Partner in 2009
Statistics teacher and statistics author - Copenhagen Business Academy 2007-2008
Forecasting Manager at Carlsberg Denmark and Carlsberg Switzerland 2002-2006.
M.SC. (IT) from the IT University in Copenhagen
Teacher in following subjects and places: Statistics at the University of South Denmark, logistics at the IT University and IT Management at CBS

+45 23 98 52 52

Benjamin Obling (CEO)

Benjamin has worked with forecasting, inventory and capacity as well as financial management for the past 11 years. He was previously a management consultant at Valcon.

Valcon Management Consultants (2006-2010). Carlsberg and Carlsberg Denmark Finland, controller (2002-2006). He has worked for more than 75 companies widely in the private and public sectors. Graduated with a MSc from CBS and universities in Hamburg and Rome.

+45 22 82 27 04

Jesper Rybøl (CIO)

Jesper has more than 15 years of experience in Profitability Management / ABC Costing, Performance Management, Business Intelligence and management reporting. Within Profitability Management / ABC Jesper has solved more than 100 projects - including some of the largest companies: LEGO, Novozymes, ECCO Company, DSB, Novo Nordisk, etc.

PwC consultant (1998-2000), Valcon Management Consultants, senior consultant (2000-2008), Independent Consultant (2008-2010), DSB, Project Manager (2010-2013), PwC, Senior (2013-2014).

+45 42 39 07 39


Perito Consulting, Denmark Hanne Nielsens Vej 1 B , 2840 Holte

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