Forecast is about optimizing numbers and managing planning behavior.
We do both in one solution.

Accurate forecast takes more than software. Input from sales must be validated. New products with no history must be forecasted. You must change old habits in your planning team and use the new forecast. In short great forecast is as much numbers as psychology. It takes a holistic 360 approach.

Curious to hear how we help leading companies take the next step and become world class in forecasting?


Areas where we can help you
become world class

Sales forecasting

  • Statistical forecast
  • Campaign management
  • Phase-in and out
  • Segmentation
  • Change management

Our Forecast solution combines software and experts in one service. World class forecasting is about optimizing numbers and managing planning behavior. We do both.

Safety stock and optimal order quantity

  • Safety stocks that minimize costs
  • What-if scenarios based on simulation
  • Analyse gap between current and optimal stock levels

Based on simulation Economic Stock optimization (ESO) finds safety stocks and optimal order quantities that reduce costs the most.

Stock controlling

  • High frequency stock analysis on all items
  • Find root cause for stock that moves against targets
  • Dashboards with up to date stock right sizing potentials

Setting optimal safety stocks is vital, but it is equally important to follow-up on those targets and see if planning behavior is in compliance with targets.


  • Dashboards with forecast, capacity and stock overviews
  • Prioritized actions for S&OP meetings
  • Powerpoints with ready made executive S&OP analysis

Setting the scene for effective meetings with Sales and operations is not hassle free. Many companies spend significant resources just preparing for S&OP meetings.

Track record.
The +25% difference

Forecast results

  • 25% reduced forecast errors on average
  • 40% reduced overestimation
  • Time spent on forecasting reduced +50%
  • Prior to our help most clients had made investments in forecast and ERP systems

Forecast error reduction for last 25 clients


Stock optimization results

  • Working capital reduced + 20%
  • Service levels increased by +1-5%
  • Improvement has lead to 1-3% reduction in cogs
  • Results are documented based on our proprietary ESO simulation tool

Working cap reduction for last 25 clients


What is most
important to you?

“Forecast must be improved”

Focused on improving forecast to get the best possible input for your production and capacity planning? Long lead-times where forecast is vital? Any capacity constrains increasing the importance on few surprises in forecast

Improving forecast

“Reduce stock levels and increase service level – and keep it right sized”

Need to reduce stock levels without sacrificing service levels? Right sizing inventory with ESO lets you see how far your current stock level is from optimum and what you need to do about it.

Right size stock levels

“Establish a S&OP process to improve input for planning”

Do you lack quality input from sales in your forecast process? Do you receive sales inputs randomly and struggle to use it in planning? Is there a culture of planning from Mars and Sales from venus?

Create S&OP process

“Safety stocks and minimum order quantities must be validated”

Any doubts if current safety stocks are calculated correctly. Both parameters have significant impact on stock levels. Typically we see potentials of 20-30% working capital reductions from optimizing parameters for safety stock and optimal order quantity. Would you like us to do a check?

Optimize safety stocks